February 1, 2009

Another Day, Another Dollar

I love my Statler Stitcher, but after almost three years I still have not decided on a name for it. My husband calls it "The Money Machine". Haha, I'll never get rich quilting, but I do enjoy it. So that name is good enough for now.

Novelty prints are a lot of fun. I collected all of the money prints I could find, I think there were six, and made him a quilt for Christmas. I did not want to cut the fabric up too small, so I used a simple Turning Twenty pattern. Technically I guess it is Turning Six ;-)

The quilting design is called Too Much Bubbly, all of the circles remind me of the coins in the fabric. Well, it is not a particularly beautiful quilt, but that was not the goal. I used Quilters Dream wool batting, it is a fun quilt and it keeps him warm.

I enjoy piecing quilts, but I like the quilting process too. That is why I usually make quilts that are not too complicated, so I can get them on the Statler sooner. My favorite part is taking the finished quilt off the machine. It has been transformed from pieces of fabric sewn together, into a quilt!


ellen stone said...

I love this quilt. Cool theme. Wish I could make a living doing this!!!

Sue said...

Thanks :)