Price List

Quilting Services, Fees, and Supplies

Thank you for visiting my website! I believe in high quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service.  If you have any questions please feel free to email.

Quilting Types

Edge-to-Edge Simple: Starting at $.03/sq. inch. This is a wonderful choice for most quilts! A design of your choice, sewn from edge to edge over the entire quilt. Unlike hand guided paper pantographs, the computer guided system can scale any pattern to any size to fit the proportions of your quilt. Choose from hundreds of designs, including florals, feathers, swirls, geometrics, traditional, modern, juvenile, holidays, and more! Minimum $50-$80. This is the most requested type of quilting!

Edge-to-Edge Complex: Starting at $.035/sq. inch. This applies to any design that is very complex or densely quilted. Modern quilting designs that are heavily quilted will fall into this category. Minimum $80-$100.
Semi-Custom: Starting at $.038/sq. inch. A border to border design of your choice over the center of the quilt, with a separate border design. Minimum $90-$120. Please note: I am accepting requests for semi-custom quilting on a very limited basis at this time.

Custom: Starting at $.06/sq. inch. Blocks, sashing, multiple borders, corners, feathers, echo, stitch-in-the-ditch, stippling, multiple designs. Additional fee for drawing and digitizing an original custom quilting design. Minimum $100-$250. Please note:  I am  accepting requests for custom quilting on a very limited basis at this time.

Basting: Starting at $.022/sq. inch. The quilt edges will be stabilized and the quilt will be basted every 3-4 inches, or as requested, ready for hand or domestic machine quilting. Minimum $70. 

Other Services

Partial: $.17/linear inch. You provide the fabric. Binding will be prepared and machine stitched to the trimmed front, ready to be turned and hand sewn on the back.
Complete: $.40/linear inch. Complete binding service. You provide the fabric, it will be cut, sewn, and carefully hand sewn on the back.
Consultation: Included. No additional fee.

Setup: Included. No additional fee.

Minor Pressing: Included. No additional fee. I lightly press every top and backing before I start quilting because it produces a better finished product. However, there will be an additional fee if your top or backing requires major ironing.
Minor Squaring of the Backing: Included. No additional fee, I check every backing and square as needed. However, there will be an additional fee if you have not made a reasonable attempt to square your backing. All 4 sides also need to be straight.

Special Care/Additional Fees: Each quilt is considered on an individual basis. Additional fees charged at $25/hour may be incurred for extra services as noted above, including repairs, major pressing, sizing, squaring, or trimming backings. Upcharge for white backings, minkee, fleece, and other materials that require extra time to quilt, including patchwork backings or backs that require centering. If you would like to avoid extra fees, please carefully read the page on Quilt Prep.  

Pricing Examples
Edge-to-Edge Simple:
          Crib 40"x50" minimum fee = $65
          Twin 60"x80" $0.03/sq. in. =  $144
          Queen 90"x90"  $0.03/sq. in. = $243
          King 100"x100" $0.03/sq. in. = $300
Batting, thread, additional services, and tax are extra.

How to Arrange for your Quilt to be Quilted

There are two ways to arrange to have your quilt machine quilted with the quilting design, batting, and thread of your choice:
1.      Email me to arrange an appointment to meet in my home studio in Madison, CT. We will discuss your quilt, and choose an appropriate design, thread, and batting. I will provide you with an estimate. Sometimes your quilt takes a little less time to complete than expected, so your final bill might be less than the estimate, but not more!
2.      Mail/UPS/FedEx your quilt to me and we will go over the details via phone or email. You can view many of the overall designs that are available in the “Quilting Designs” section of this website, and many of them are featured in the “Gallery” section. Return shipping via USPS Priority Mail will cost approximately $15 and includes $50 insurance and tracking. Please make arrangements with me, and I will provide a mailing address.

All fees are subject to change without notice.


High quality quilt batting that is made specifically for machine quilting is essential for superior quality results. It is also necessary for the well being of my very expensive quilting machine. I stock several types of high quality Quilters Dream batting for you to choose from. If I do not stock a type or weight that you prefer, I can order it directly from Quilters Dream. Batting is cut from a large roll and is priced per linear inch to allow you to purchase only as much as you need. I also stock precut king size batting for very large quilts. Price is based on current retail.
Please note: I do not accept customer provided batting because I have experienced too many quality issues, and several serious machine maintenance problems caused by inferior batting. If I make an exception and use your batting there may be a $6.00 batting prep fee.

Quilters Dream Batting
For more information please visit the Quilters Dream website: Quilters Dream Batting
I stock the following on rolls, sold by the linear inch at current retail. I can order any type or size of Quilters Dream batting:

     Blend (70% cotton, 30% poly)
     Cotton Select Natural (100% cotton)
     Cotton Select White (100% cotton)
     Cotton Deluxe Natural (100% cotton, heavier weight)
     Wool (100% wool, puffy and light, machine washable)
     Puff (100% poly, puffy and light)
     Poly Select (100% poly, dense, mid weight)
     Poly Deluxe (100% poly, dense, heavier weight)


The following high quality threads are available in a wide range of colors. Price depends on the size of your quilt and the density of the quilting. Fee is based on the actual number of bobbins used.

A&E Signature Threads:
     Perma-Core Wrapped poly, solid colors
     Signature 100% Cotton, solid colors
     Signature 100% Cotton, variegated colors

Superior Threads:
     Superior Omni Wrapped poly, solid colors
     Superior King Tut 100% Cotton, variegated colors
     Superior So Fine 100% Poly, solid colors

*All prices are subject to change without notice. Updated 1/20/20