November 20, 2009

To Wash or Not To Wash

Do you prewash your fabrics before you use them in a quilt? Here are a few examples of why all of my fabric is washed before it is placed into my stash! Some colors have more excess dye than others. Red is bad...
But blue is often worse!I soak similar colors of fabric together in the sink with a little Tide. I continue to change the water until the excess dye is out. Sometimes I leave it to soak overnight. I rinse it by hand, then I toss it in the washer for one final rinse and spin, and into the dryer it goes! I do it in batches of about 8 yards or less, and remove it promptly to reduce wrinkles. I fold it neatly, and put it in my stash, ready to be made into a quilt!

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